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every time i see those posts about “things i never learned in high school” all i have to say is

are all of you just fucking orphans

because your parents exist and they probably know how to do those things

and if that is not a realistic expectation for you, why don’t you use the time you spend reblogging shit on tumblr and look things up on the internet

don’t use “waaah school never taught me” as an excuse for not knowing basic life skills

I was going to reblog this and just rip you a new one, but I’ve had some time to cool down and sort out my thoughts.

Not everyone is a visual learner. Some are auditory, and others (like myself) are kinesthetic learners. When we don’t have someone around to teach us these life skills, either because our parents don’t care or don’t have time, then we do not learn certain things. High school should teach us these life skills.

This post was incredibly ignorant and just kind of set me off, sorry.

No actually, not sorry.

Long ago people counted on parents to teach kids about sex ed stuff, but that didn’t work and then sex ed was introduced to schools, even though it could be vastly improved it has done a lot of good anyway and reduced the number of teen pregnancies and STDs because sex and puberty are things that parents are often uncomfortable talking to their kids about and sometimes parents and friends tell the kids things that are wrong like “you can’t get pregnant the first time” and even now there are still things passed around that are wrong such equating virginity with hymen condition.

You can’t always rely on parents and friends to teach every important thing to kids.  Sometimes parents aren’t there, especially in families where both parents work.  Sometimes the parents themselves are ignorant, distant, or don’t know these skills themselves especially when it comes to social skills.  Sometimes parents are mentally 20, 30, even 50 years in the past or were raised in a very different culture with very different social skills or expectations.

And then sometimes you also have kids who are not very receptive to their parents or parent’s style of teaching.  

Also don’t forget that babies don’t come with manuals.

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